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REALIZACJA is a high school project consisting of three processes that complement each other:

1. Knowledge Lab - a space equipped with didactic resources (flashcards, projects, experiments, scientific books and literature) where students can follow the core curriculum and gain knowledge within and beyond its scope. It is a space for gaining theoretical knowledge, which is the basis for making real economicdecisions.

2.  Advertising Agency offering services in the following areas:

  • designing and printing advertising materials,

  • designing and managing websites and running social media fanpages,

  • printing didactic materials for local kindergartens and schools.

The students will manage their resources by making real economic decisions. They will:

  • design and print advertising materials for local companies,

  • introduce new services and products,

  • acquireclients,

  • publish books and materials supporting the activities of kindergartens and schools,

  • run business negotiations,

  • manage financial resources,

  • do bookkeeping.

The company will be run by the students supported and counselled by teachers and specialists employed in the school. An advertising agency will be an enterprise run by a foundation whose statutory purpose will be to organise leisure activities for children and teens. The students will use its funds to organise leisure activities for themselves and other children from local institutions whoneedsupport.

3. Personal Development Lab:

  • personal development sessions with an Empathic Communication coach (based on Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication), during which students will learn to get in touch with their inner resources,  though,, needs and feelings in order to consciously build relationships based on collaboration, respect, trust and understanding.

  • Mindfulness coaching sessions during which the students will practice Mindfulness and being in contact with their bodies to learn to control unpleasant emotions, transform anger and cope in difficult situations.

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