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Why do we need such schools?


A rebellion against parents, teachers and all the adults who are standing in the way to independence and freedom is a psychosocial consequence of adolescence.  In this period, these needs are so strong that they can not be suppressed, and the best solution is to give teenagers the right conditions to meet those needs in a safe way.


People rebel against restrictions; when barriers disappear, such attitudes have no reason to exist, and this powerful energy can be invested in creating a new reality. Adolescence is also a time to look for the answer to the question ‘Who am I?’. Teenagers looks at themselves through the eyes of their peers as their acceptance meets their next, extremely important need. Relationships based on respect, trust and cooperation foster a proper psychosocial development. In a group bound by a common goal, competition fades away; it is replaced by collaboration that helps the community and each of its members grow and develop. It is difficult to answer the question “Who am I?” if you are not aware of your resources, needs, feelings and thoughts. Only a mindful insight can help us discover this great mystery.

Neurological research shows that our brain learns when we are active; the deeper we process the content, the better we remember it. We learn better when we feel no fear, so positive emotions play a very important role in studying. We memorise the information that is new, important and interesting. We work most effectively in a community in which we cooperate with each other. Theoretical knowledge, which wecanuseinpractice,gainsitsvaluehere.

Contemporary schools do not meet the needs of teens. They do not create a space for gaining experience and exploring their passions, interests and resources. High school graduates do not know who they are or where to go next, and often make decision regarding their further education under the influence of their parents and current trends.


Theoretical knowledge does not suffice nowadays. The world needs people who are independent, creative, and aware of their feelings, needs and resources. People who can work together, make choices, manage time and use their knowledge in practice. People who keep self-developing and, as a consequence, enrich the lives of other people.


We will not change the education system by waiting for yet another school reform. We will not make any change by opening private schools which will only be available for students from wealthy families. 


REALIZATION is an international, non-public, nonprofit high school project, running in accordance with applicable law regulations. This school will be fee-free as each student will get a scholarship from a company that will allow him or her to receive free education tailored to his or her needs - one that will support the development of creativity, entrepreneurship and responsibility not only of individuals, but also the entire society. The scholarships will be part of the companies’ CSR policies.


We invite not only corporations, but also small and medium-sized companies, that would like to fund scholarships for students of the REALIZATION school.


Each company will have a chance to become part of this social change of theeducationsystemaroundtheworld.

If you want to support our students and the creation of such schools around the world, please contact us.

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