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Why an advertising agency, not a grocery store or another type of business?


An advertising agency is a very broad type of industry that requires a variety of skills in the areas of information technology, art, journalism, technology, mathematics, geometry, social studies, psychology, communication and entrepreneurship; it allows a practical use of theoretical knowledge from so many subjects. The agency also creates a space for cooperation with various companies, which not only extends the horizons of the students, but also gives them an opportunity to know exactly how to plan their career paths. There are no restrictions in this industry, and the scope of services it can provide is so wide that every student will find a place that will not only match their predispositions, but also give them an opportunity to think in limitless creative ways. Students can revolutionise the advertising industry and introduce new products and services; they are limited only by their own imagination.

During the three or four years of their active participation in the project, students will experience the ups and downs of running a business. They will face difficulties and constraints of legal conditions, accounting and managing a limited budget. They will bear the consequences of their decisions, face teamwork problems, resolve conflicts, seek solutions, negotiate and learn from their mistakes. They will be moving towards their goal with determination and commitment, which will be self-financing their holiday. They can go to an exotic place on another continent or camping to a nearby town, depending on the income they can generate in one year. They will also have an opportunity to share with those who need some support, gainingsatisfactionfromenrichingtheirlives.

The students will have a chance to use their theoretical knowledge that will not be useful in running the advertising agency by preparing teaching materials and publishing books for children from local kindergartens and schools. Learning history, biology, geography, physics or chemistry will gain a new dimension as students will be able to share their knowledge while preparing classes and materials for younger children.

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